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After the hundreds of thousands of students around the world I've helped, over my 10 years of teaching, it's time I finally gave you the ONE thing, I really wish I had been given when I first started this journey.

Now this isn't just any old guide. This is a guide that's packed ONLY with actionable information, that you can go out and use today when you step out your door onto the street, or tonight when you head out to any absolutely bar!

This book teaches you the action steps you can take, to make women approach you, and then build attraction with them in any scenario - right through to some of my most advanced techniques!

This guide, is the one thing, that gives you the simple steps you need to understand any situation you come across where you want to get talking to that girl you like, this is the one thing that I know would've saved me years and years of frustration...
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There's so many so called "coaches" out there now, and a lot of them are teaching information that's downright harmful! Girls can see a memorised chat-up line a mile off, and it leaves you nothing to say next! Insulting girls is DEFINITELY not the right way to go, and even if it works, it's just gonna get you the wrong sort of girl...

I believe this book is so important to setting you on the right path, I'm giving it to you for no charge. So there's no excuses for not reading it now!

So many students have told me that this book has been the one thing, that's been a complete game-changer for them, and my goal is for you to write in, and tell me the same thing!
Adam Lyons
Adam grew up in a very poor area just outside London. Growing up, dinner ranged from packets of broken cookies, to fights over who got the only packet of bacon in the house that week...

Adam first started working, at the age of 11, as a mover, lifting furniture. He got his first job in the city, working as a janitor. In his spare time, he started to look for other ways of building his income, initially by building swords for a film prop company, showing very early signs of entrepreneurial traits.

By the age of 24, he had already built his first business from the ground up, and found someone to sell it to. His entrepreneurial, and self-development skills were getting noticed, and he eventually got hired to lead the training division for a very successful international self development company.

Today, Adam has built several businesses up from scratch, and has built himself well into a 7 figure income stream, across multiple businesses, over, and over again. He has 2 homes, and 2 exotic cars, along with many happy employees.

Adam now travels the world, with a passion for helping people who were once in his shoes. Adam has been asked by a huge variety of people to help improve their income, their relationships, and their personal lives. He has changed millions of lives through his online programs, and live coaching events worldwide. From flying out to companies' headquarters, and spending no more than a day with them going over their business plan, Adam has doubled, and even tripled the income of many businesses across the globe, time, and time again. Adam is frequently asked for help from a wide variety of people, from CEO's to billionaires.
Take it from others who've seen first hand results from Adam Lyons!
Hey Adam, I just had a moment of clarity and I really felt the need to take action to express my gratitude for it. In a short two months you have helped me to manifest my lifelong goal that I set in early 2015 in more ways than I can verbalise. I cannot thank you enough for the services you are offering, whatever the cost may be. You are making a difference in the world, and specifically mine. I can not be where I am today without having received the amount of wisdom you have shared with me. Beyond all religious implications, you are a godsend. Thank you, Adam.
I realised today that my game is at a pinnacle level for me. I realised it when I was talking with *name omitted*. He has a date tonight that would have made me jealous two years ago. Instead, tonight I was able to prep him for his date tonight and give him the tools and mind-set he needs to be successful. His confidence with the situation is at an all-time high. Thank you Adam Lyons yet again for coaching me and helping me get a handle on this part of my life, and also for pairing me up with *name omitted*; he's been an inspiration to work with. Thank you IAI for keeping me motivated and accountable. And thanks to all you individuals I've connected with one-one-one along the way. You know who you are and you guys are great!
This book is filled ONLY with actionable content. It's like being personally coached by Adam Lyons on things you can go out and action, within minutes of reading this book!
Here's what you can expect to learn:
  • Make Girls Approach You - My techniques which stop you worrying about approach, or the best opening line, let her worry about it, which she will when she approaches you!
  • Build Rapid Attraction - Learn the techniques to build rapid attraction in just a few lines, in any situation you find yourself in
  • My Advanced Techniques - Learn exactly what to say and do when you use these techniques to finish off the night the exact way YOU want to!
Page 4. I break down the simple techniques to get women to start approaching you!
Page 20. Now she's looking at you, I'll teach you how to build rapid attraction with any girl anywhere!
Page 23. Now all the girls are looking at you, how do you attract the girl you like at work!
Page 35. Now that you've got more female interest than you can handle, I'll show you what to do once you're alone!
The only thing left to do, is to tell me where you want me to send you my complementary dating guide. This is so important to anyone learning dating, that I'm giving this to you completely free. All you've gotta do is tell me where to reach you.